Please Avoid Scams
When Starting a Business from Home

When you are starting a business from home, watch out for scam artist!

This section of the website will guide you to webpages that were designed to help you avoid online scams. There will be many people who are going to try to take advantage of your courage to start a home business. They don't deserve your hard-earned money, so don't give it to them!

Information to Help You Avoid Scams
When Starting a Business from Home

Potential Home Business Scams

Online "businesses" that our visitors would like you to be aware of when starting a home business... This webpage is made up of potential home business scams that our visitors have contributed to the website. If you have ever been a victim of an online scam, we encourage you to visit this webpage and make a contribution to help others stay far away from websites that practice bad business ethics. Please help us warn others about potential home business scams!

Avoiding Scams When Starting a Business from Home

When starting a home business online, please keep these things in mind to avoid scams!... This webpage will give you some things to look out for when searching for an online business opportunity.

MLM Home Based Business

Thinking about starting MLM home based business? It may not be as great as you think... This webpage will discuss some general topics when considering an MLM business. There is a lot of potential for MLM, but most people new to online business probably won't like it.

Small Home Business Ethics

Being ethical when building and maintaining your small home business is crucial to your success... This webpage will discuss why it's so important to keep your home business ethical.

Better Business Bureau Online Inaccuracy

The better business bureau online may be rating businesses inaccurately. Please be careful when using their services... This webpage will discuss some concerns people have had with the BBB.

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