Better Business Bureau Online Inaccuracy

Researching businesses with the Better Business Bureau online website seems like a great idea if you are trying to avoid scams when starting a business from home. Avoiding scams and finding accurate home business reviews can be an exhausting task. The best way to avoid scammers is to thoroughly research the business. Places like the Better Business Bureau are supposed to help us with this task. Unfortunately it seems as though the online Better Business Bureau is not doing a very good job.

We expect online businesses to do the right thing by being completely honest with their customers. It’s not like being honest is really that much to ask. But when companies fail to do their part at being decent human beings, we expect websites like the Better Business Bureau / Better Business Bureau online to alert us to any fraud that is going on. Many people have reported that the BBB fails to report certain businesses that they know are scammers. We hope this is not true, but it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Please be aware that to the best of our knowledge the BBB is not a government agency. Many privately owned businesses are not held to the same standards that most government agencies are. So if the BBB is playing favorites, please keep this in mind.

Many people have reported that the BBB does not keep accurate information about their organization. Many businesses will go through great lengths to cut down the amount of paper work and make their government compliance issues as simple as possible. That is understandable. But that being said, there are many businesses that take advantage of the system to the extent that the laws almost don’t apply to them. As unfair as this is, we citizens are letting this happen. If their business information is inaccurate, it’s a good bet that the rest of their information about other businesses is inaccurate.

The BBB makes its money by taking donations from businesses. Needless to say, this could potentially lead to lobbying issues. This is not to say they never accurately report bad businesses, but it leaves open the possibility that they may play favorites and let some scammers off the hook. The worst case scenario would be they purposely report a bad business as a good one.

There are many complaints against the Better Business Bureau / Better Business Bureau online. There are many things that point to it not being a completely legitimate organization. So what does this have to do with starting a home business online? The moral of this story is to emphasize how important it is to research online businesses. If you are searching for an online business to start, make sure you research the people that are giving you the information. Thoroughly investigating every aspect of a business, when starting a home business online, will save you many headaches in the future.